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Social Worker

Hi, my name is Bianca Ruslander and I am the Duke social worker!

There are three main services that I offer: 

  • 12-Week Counseling Program: Available for ongoing counseling intervention and prevention services for those students who are identified, referred, meet criteria and have parental consent. The program is voluntary for students. The 12 week intensive mental health intervention program that is meant to be a tier 3 level of support. Students can be seen for longer on-going services, depending on the need of the student. Students must have had some sort of previous intervention before being referred to me (i.e., met with the counselor, have a BIP/504/IEP, previous or current outside mental health provider, etc.).  That being said, if you still have a significant concern, please still let Ms. Osbourne or myself know and we can look at it case by case.
  • Walk-In Crisis Services:  Available for ANY student who may be experiencing significant difficulty or who are having thoughts of harming themselves. I can meet with a student up to 3 times without parental consent. You do not need to fill out the referral form for these students. 
  • Aftercare Services: Offered to students and their families when returning to school following a hospital or emergency department admission or HHT for emotional/mental health concerns.  Students should be referred to the counselor and social worker to offer follow up services and support. If you know of a student who was previously hospitalized for mental health concerns, please let me and/or the school counselor know.
  • For more details on these programs view this powerpoint presentation.

Visit My Virtual Office for additional links and resources for mental health and support.

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Bianca Ruslander
Social Worker


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